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About Us



IT Is a solution for those who seek personal attention for their problems which are related to academics , music, cooking , dance etc. We at RYSCURED provide HASSLE FREE solutions to your innumerous problems related to all the possible fields in which you desire to excel.





This project is related to the field of education primarily FOR the state of J&K (as a whole) and will further enhance its branches to Punjab, Haryana and other states in the next steps.


We are an assisted market point for personalized learning solutions and looking to partner with passionate teachers on mutually beneficial and sustainable terms.


This project aims to establish a relationship between a parent/user and our organization which has never been the case in any of the previous ed-tech startups and this will be the root cause of our projected success in this fiercely competitive education world.




  • Not only for the Rich but for the Poor as well.
  • Not Only for the Brighter student but for the Needy/low caliber as well.
  • Not only catering Cities but for the Villages as well.
  • Not for Causing disruption to the Education BUT for the Assistance to it.


Our establishment focuses on the Development of the education scenario in all fields related to it. It starts with the Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education but does not stops there. We look forward to provide educators

  1. In the field of Music
  2. In the field of Sports
  3. In the field of Yoga
  4. In the field of languages
  5. In the field of Cooking
  6. And Most Importantly In the field of Technical, Industrial and Professional courses which are important for those to get learned to who could not study the primary or secondary education and who desire to work for making their ends meet.